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Reefer Madness

April 19-27, 2024

at MATCH (Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston)

Book by: Kevin Murphy & Dan Studney

Music by: Dan Studney

Lyrics by: Kevin Murphy


There is a new menace sweeping the nation, ready to ensnare and seduce the youth and drag them down into a life of sin: REEFER MADNESS!

In this hilarious, over-the-top satire, the high school drama club, led by the gravely stern Lecturer, illustrates the perils of the “leafy green assassin.” They tell the story of Jimmy, a fine, upstanding, All-American boy whose life fell apart because of the evil reefer. Jimmy was a good kid, with a bright future ahead of him. He had a sweetheart whom he loved, the wholesome and sweet Mary Lane. But when Jimmy is tricked into taking his first puff of reefer, his life quickly spirals downward. He begins to neglect his family, his schoolwork, even Mary, in order to spend all his time smoking at the Reefer Den. His addiction leads him to debauchery, sin, and theft. 

Reefer Madness is an irreverent parody of the classic 1930s instructional film full of camp, hilarity, mayhem, and madness.


Urian Washington

Jimmy Harper

Kristen Herink

Mary Lane

Brad Goertz

The Lecturer

Angela Pinina


Justin Brown


Jordan Umphries


Daniel Edwards


Ambi Anuh-Ndumu


Understudy for Mae

Katie Chaisson


Understudy for Sally

Chad Fontenot


Understudy for The Lecturer & Jack

Ivanna Martinez


Understudy for Mary

Mara McGhee


Santiago Pena


Nelson Perez


Understudy for Jimmy

Hayden West


Understudy for Ralph

Ruairi Banks


Helen Rios


Production Team

Christopher Patton


Nicholas White

Technical Director/Design

Jarred Popoff

Sound Design

Vana Salois

Scenic Artist

Logan Vaden

Founding Artistic Director

Whitney Zangarine

Intimacy Director

David Allen III

Stage Manager

Pin Lim

Publicity Photography

Eric Dano


Hayden West

Fight Choreography

Scott Lupton

Asst. Director

Tasha Gorel

Production Photography

Brandon Tanner

Music Director

Ryan Richard

Costume Design

Ivanna Martinez

Dance Captain

Nicholas Ochoa

Light Board Operator

Houston Arts Alliance

Reefer Madness was presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals.

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