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Our mission is to bring quality, artist-driven storytelling and forward-thinking theatrical experiences to audiences as diverse as the City of Houston.


The Garden Theatre first became an idea in early 2020 when Founding Artistic Director, Logan Vaden, saw the need for a space for his friends and colleagues who are often labeled as “semi-professionals.” He heard this group lament numerous times that there just wasn’t enough work in Houston to keep them busy in theatre. They longed for a space that felt like a community where they could continuously create art while entertaining their beloved Houston audience. 


With the knowledge that these artists are, indeed, some of the most talented in town,  Vaden decided then and there to create such a space. He quickly sought out a board of directors that would be as passionate as he was about getting this theatre off the ground. Unfortunately, shortly after filing paperwork with the state to recognize the business and getting 13 members of the board, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. All plans were immediately put on hold for nearly a year. In December of 2020, with an announcement of a vaccine, plans began to reform. 

The Garden Theatre was officially announced to the public in January, 2021 and the organization held it’s first performance in April, 2021: New Beginnings. New Beginnings was a musical cabaret featuring 4 of Houston’s brightest talents held at P.E.T. Outdoor Theatre with a limited, live audience and was streamed online.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." ~ Audrey Hepburn

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