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While Childhhod Slept Poster PNG.png

While Childhood Slept
A Workshop Production
In Partnership with Holocaust Museum Houston
September 2-7, 2022
at MATCH (Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston)
And Holocaust Museum Houston

Book and Lyrics by: Sharon Lands Sheppard
Music and Additional Lyrics by: Jo Ellen Hubert


While Childhood Slept is a heart-wrenching original musical based on the true story of the boys of Home Number One in the Nazi concentration camp, Terezin. The children create a secret republic within the camp, publishing their own magazine of art, poetry, and short stories called Vedem. A visit from The International Red Cross presents the opportunity to disguise their magazine as a secret message and a means of escape. While Childhood Slept is a story of bravery, determination, and hope with a promise that we will never forget the past and will never allow history to repeat itself. 

This presentation of While Childhood Slept was produced as a fully staged workshop ahead of a full production in the 2023-2024 season. A talkback was held after each performance to gather valuable feedback and thoughts about the show. Proceeding this production, the creative team began working on revisions and edits to the existing material

While Childhood Slept premiered in 1999 in Houston, TX. From there it received an off-Broadway reading, and it’s finale number, "We Will Not Forget," was featured in the documentary Paperclips. In 2005, a revised version with new songs was performed once again in Houston. The Garden Theatre's workshop production was the first time While Childhood Slept had been performed in nearly two decades.


Liam Norton

Petr Ginz

Tyler Galindo

Valtr Eisinger

Taylor Moessinger

Vera Sommerova

Ivanna Martinez


Chad Fontenot

Walter Roth

Jonathan Robinson

Herr Gruber

Emily Buesing

Frau Hilda

Faith Taylor

Grandma Ginzova

Eliran Masti

Hanus Hachenburg

Santos Duran

Zdenek Taussig

Conner Ferrell

Leo Lowy/Petr Understudy

Gerardo Mendez


Joshua Gutierrez


Tristan Davis


Ashley Pribble


Riley Neal


Ellery Dibowitz


Donna Taylor


Samantha Kerne


Annie Blitz


Casey Radle

Miss Van Der Meer

Production Team

Logan Vaden

Director/Founding Artistic Director

William Michael Luyties

Music Director

Daniel Edwards

Stage Manager

Nicholas White

Lighting Design

Sharon Sheppard

Creative Consultant

Osiris Hart

Poster and Logo Design

Kimberly Hart

Star and Arm Band Design

Pin Lim

Rehearsal Photography

Tasha Gorel

Production Photography

Ally Neal

Light Board Operator

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